Current Research

The various strands of my research are tending to converge on one unifying theme: habitat structure. Although ecologists have long-recognised habitat to be a fundamental niche dimension, I’m increasingly convinced that we still lack a useful first-principles understanding of how the physical structure of habitats modifies trophic interactions. In the era of big data, the information we have on well-characterised trophic interactions is surprisingly scarce (take, for example, the number of data points underpinning this meta-analysis). Studying habitat structure and interactions is perhaps old school, but I think there’s plenty of new and exciting things to discover. You can access a copy of my Leverhulme Fellowship programme of work here.  tl;dr: I’ll be doing lots of short term feeding experiments that manipulate/quantify the following:

Study-system (subset only depicted). Systematic habitat structure manipulations (a) and consumer-resource pairs (b) designed to test the effect of search dimensionality, obstacle density, predator-free space and body size on generalised interactions (c).